MP3's, and even some MP4's!

Three Hour Detour:

Here is a link to the old MP3 page, all of these still work ok.  This includes a complete Three Hour Detour radio concert from 2000.

Here is a special studio recording we made in 2005 of the song Featherfall.

Warr Guitar and ADG Solo Tracks (2002-2003)


New! From the vault, recorded in rehearsal April 1994:

Ray & Joe: Mostly Mono: 

This classic recording from 1995 is now available as a free download. MP4 format.

Old Ray Ashley Demo:

This is a song I wrote called "Dance" in 1990, it is a dance tune that uses a 12-tone row in the manner of Arnold Schoenberg.

Accordion Music:

Here is a recording of me playing the "Jul Polska" (MP4) - Christmas Polska.  The Polska is a common Swedish dance which (unlike the Polka) has its roots in Poland, probably from the Polonaise.  I learned this tune from Karen Tweed at the Nordic Roots Fest in Minneapolis, it sounds great on my Hohner chromatic.

Here is one of the first things I recorded on piano accordion back in 2005.  It is a popular song by Carl Nielsen called "Jens the Roadman".

Yeti Suite (2006):

I recorded these in May 2006 with Jan-Mikael Erakare on guitar and upright bass, and Joe D'Andrea on drums. This was recorded at Jan's studio in upstate NY with accordion overdubs here at my studio.  Engineered by Jan-Mikael Erakare.

Solo Accordion 2007

Snow Karma  An old favorite from my touchstyle days, reworked for free bass accordion.

Carl Nielsen: Prelude Op. 51 # 11  Originally written by Nielsen for organ or harmonium, works perfectly on accordion.  My first foray into the world of the classical accordion.

Live 2007

Here is a performance of me with Mary Bichner and Box Five, (from live at the Tin Angel, Philadelphia, March 2007 "Nice Boy/Blow my Cover"

(c)(p) 1994 -2008 Ray Ashley
"Snow Karma" (c) 1997 Ray Ashley